This is What Happens When I Unleash Myself

Notice something different around here?!

I decided to unleash myself and expand into more Juicy Goodness.

Welcome you to The Leah-Sphere! Where you get to live your life-your way, be fully self expressed and shine brighter than you’ve ever shined before.

Back in the spring I realized that Defy the Box felt like it was pushing against something. The whole nature of defying the box felt like you had to struggle and fight in order to be yourself.

When I created Defy the Box I certainly felt that way. I was sick and tired of feeling like I had to conform in order to be successful. I felt like I had to hide big parts of who I was and it made me frustrated and angry most of the time. My clients felt this way too.

I successfully helped hundreds of non-conforming souls break-free of their pre-packaged lives and create the kick-ass lives that they dreamed of. Boy did that feel good!

Something interesting happened along the way. The more I worked with these clients and practiced what I preached – I realized that I didn’t actually have to fight to be me.

I realized that the only battle that was going on was inside my own head. All those negative voices saying that I should be different, better, smarter, and  the part of me that worried about what other people would say and if they would like me, were the only thing standing between me and being fully self expressed.

Do you have those voices too?

Once I let those go, and gave myself permission to fly my freak flag high and proud, I stopped fighting and my life became very luscious and full of juicy goodness.

Now I know down to the very core of my being- The more I love and accept myself, for who I am, the easier it is to be me. I don’t have to fight to be self-expressed. I can just BE it.

The more I sink into my work, simply ALLOW myself to be ME and fly my freak flag, the more luscious my life gets. I shine brighter, opportunities appear, the money rolls in and I’m surrounded by people who love and appreciate me for being me. (You can have this too!)

I embraced this knowing and was born.

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Over the next month I will be phasing out Defy the Box. Part of me is sorry to see it go, it was FUN, but I know that my new site and biz a better representation of what I offer the world.

I can’t wait to help you unleash yourself too!

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