This Shit Drives Me Crazy!

stressIs it just me, or are you sick and tired of all the hype about the end of the year, how you have to get super clear on your goals for next year and hustle your ass off because there are only 15 days left to complete this years goals. It feels like a lot of pressure to get shit done RIGHT NOW or you will some how miss your chance.

I’m getting stressed out just thinking of it.

What about you?

Seriously, there’s enough to do around the holidays with running a business, buying gifts and sending out cards, I don’t need to put one more thing in front of me. I’d rather kick-back and enjoy the season and the people in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about taking stock of  my life, appreciating what’s here and deciding what other bits of juicy goodness I’d like to add, but its not a fucking emergency…..know what I mean?

I’m sick of fear based marketing in general.

I’m sick of the pressure to sign up NOW or it will be too late.

I don’t want to be that person trying to whip you up into a frenzy of not enough-ness so you will buy from me.

I don’t want to pick your scabs to reveal your wounds and show you how I’m the only solution to your problems.( I know…it’s gross but that is what is seems like to me)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve impulsively signed up for a program because I was feeling like shit and thinking I needed someone else to fix me. When what I really needed was to stop making myself wrong and taking everything so personally.

I’m also sick of the assumption that we need to be manipulated into making up our minds.

I know that if I really want to do something, I’m there. You don’t have to trick me into it. I want my peeps to buy my stuff because they want it and know it will help them, not because I created the illusion that there wasn’t enough or it was going to disappear if they didn’t act now.

I don’t need to approach things that way.

I don’t work with people in crisis. There is no emergency to deal with. My peeps are not desperate. They are committed to living the best life they can, to growing and expanding into their highest vision for themselves. They want to set their lives up to fit them perfectly and are tired of their inner critic and old bullshit stories standing in the way.

My peeps are already freaking fabulous and want a little help and guidance to get them where they want to go faster and in a way that feels really good to them.

So, I’m going to buck the system and do things my way. No more big launches, pushing, or pressure to sign up now. It just feels crappy. I’m ignoring everyone who says I’m crazy and going with what feels good to me.

I’m giving you an open invitation to work with me.

When you’re ready to  wrangle your inner-critic, tap into your personal power, set your life up to fit you perfectly and make shit happen- I’ll be here.

Till then, I hope you take some time to enjoy these last few weeks of the year. Drink some eggnog, eat some cookies and enjoy your people.

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