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My January Miracle
Beginning of last week, I was at the gym doing cardio, listening to Abraham-Hicks, and feeling good. I happened to glance up at one of the TV monitors and noticed that a local talk show was just ending. I had the thought: “Wouldn’t it be cool to be on TV.. that would be fun!” I played around in this thought for a few minutes and then let it go.

Three days later, a dude from a local TV station sent me a message thru my web site asking me if I would come do a 20 minute interview segment on his show. He said that he had been researching job coaches and found my website and thought I had a unique perspective. He wanted me to come talk about what I do and share my interesting approach.
At first I hemmed and hawed about it…got caught up in a bit of fear…..the decided to allow my desire to unfold.After all, I asked for it, and it was given right away, I better accept it. I went to the TV station and taped the 20 minute segment.It was effortless and fun. As I sat in my chair waiting to roll tape, I experienced a big energetic expansion and was filled with joy. I allowed myself to bask in that energy. It felt wonderful. I want more of that please!

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