This Sucks! How do I make it better ?

Every subject is really two subjects: What you want and the absence of what you want.

Which one are you focusing on?

Most people find that it is easier to focus on whats absent, what is wrong and what needs to be fixed.

Why is that?

It seems easier to do because that is what you are used to doing.

It is your habit.

Just because it is your habit, does not mean it is the most effective way of creating a life that rocks.
It actually works against you.

By focusing on what is missing, you are giving lots of attention and energy to it. You are basically amplifying the energy of what you do not want and telling the Universe to give you more of it.

This is why when you focus on your problems they get bigger.

But,with a bit of effort, anyone can learn to shift their focus to what they want.

It is as simple as asking yourself “what would be better” when faced with an undesirable situation.

Or noticing what you appreciate about something.

This is especially powerful if you are currently experiencing something that sucks.

The best way to “make it better” is to make a list of everything you appreciate about the sucky situation/person/place/thing.

I know that this can be a bit of a stretch but go ahead and do it anyway.

You have to get the positive vibes flowing before anything good can happen.

Then focus on the solution.

Ask yourself how you want the situation to be.

“what would be better??”

This will not only shift your energy and  make you feel better in the moment, but it also creates space for something more desirable to show up.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

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