This Week I’m Appreciating…..

A couple of weeks ago I moved a fun game I created called Amplification Friday from my FaceBook Fan Page over here to my blog.

Rather than go through a big detailed description about what Amplification Friday is every time Friday comes around, I’ve decided to use this space to amplify the energy of what I’m appreciating in my life in the hopes that you will join me and do the same!

This week I’m appreciating the deep relaxation that I was able to enjoy over the weekend. It’s awesome to be surrounded by nature, with nothing much to do, sitting on a rocking chair on Kim & Jer’s front porch reading a book and hanging out with my sweetie. I totally enjoyed going to bed early and sleeping in late. Grilling steaks, eating locally raised sausage, homemade waffles, and the cupcake comparisons that we did. It was fun to play with Kim & Jer’s son Alerick in the front yard and going to see fireworks on the 4th of July. The warm clean air felt wonderful on my skin and everything was so green and lush! It smelled so good……just like I imagine the color green would smell.

I’m also appreciating my sexy sexy iphone. It lets me roam far an wide and still be tapped into my coaching biz when I feel like checking in. I can easily stay in touch with people and amuse myself playing Pocket God and Bejeweled. The camera and video makes it so easy to take pictures and document where I’ve been. I’m now a picture taking fool! Being able to go online and find out the closest piercing place comes in handy too! I feel like it greatly adds to my freedom and my Kick-Ass Life.

I appreciate my freedom! My life is custom designed to fit me perfectly and I’m thankful for it everyday. I get to do all the stuff I love while surround by some totally amazing cool people. My clients are truly inspirational. They are so ready and willing to be vulnerable and open up and expand into their brilliance. I am constantly in awe of the growth and expansion that I witness. I’m thrilled to be able to be a mirror for them as they uncover the self-defeating stories and limiting beliefs that are holding them back. The most awesome part is that this is the perfect enviornment for me to use my superpowers to help them identify those stories and beliefs. It’s all so perfect!

Here are some fireworks from the 4th shared via my sexy sexy iphone-


Your turn! What are you appreciating from your week?


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