Thought for the Day: Where is your attention flowing ?

Law of Attraction 101: What you focus on expands into your reality.

Simple enough.

Most people are spending their time focusing energy on what they do not want and what is not working for them. They are very busy trying to fix it or are spending a lot of time and energy pushing against what they do not want.

In a way this is CRAZY! You are amplifying the energy of what you do NOT WANT by doing this. Every time you call up your friend and tell the story about how your job sucks, or you don’t have enough money, or how your partner never does the dishes you are essentially telling the Universe that you want more of that. ( joining support groups and online chat forums about what you do not want is amplifying the energy too.)

You want something to be different….focus your energy on how you want it to be.
Re-Write your story so that it has the outcome that you desire.
Call your friends up and tell the story of all the goodness that you see and will have in your life.
Talk about the things you are thankful for.
Join groups that support and talk about what you are wanting to create or wanting more of.

So…where is your attention flowing????

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