Three Questions To Keep You Aligned With Your Desire

happy woman toastingYou know what you want and you’ve decided to go after it- YAY!!

Some days you wake up feeling – I totally got this!

Your energy is open and expansive and you see the possibilities all around you. Boy do you feel good! You’re taking action all over the place and enjoying every minute of it.

Don’t you love these days??!! I sure do!  I’m in perfect alignment with my desire and it’s freaking awesome.

Then there are these days….

confused womenYou’re not feeling it AT ALL. Your brilliant plan is turning out to be not so freaking brilliant and things aren’t working out as you’d like, which makes you nervous.

There’s a big question mark around what’s going to happen next????????

You feel the self doubt creeping in, with a big side of cranky, and your energy is feeling super constricted, like you’re going to snap at any moment.

What you really want is a big old cupcake to make you feel better, and for everyone to leave you the fuck alone.

What do you do on days like this?

How do you get back into that sweet spot of  alignment, expansion and possibility?

First off, acknowledge how you feel.

It’s a big mistake to pretend that everything is fine and to ignore the fact that you’re feeling bad. I don’t care what you read in The Secret, it’s OK to have bad thoughts and negative feelings. It’s part of life.

What you do with these bad thoughts and negative feelings is what’s important. 

When you ignore them and tell yourself you shouldn’t feel that way- it makes things worse. Not only are you making yourself wrong for how you feel, but you are missing out an opportunity to clarify your desire.

Acknowledge how you feel then ask yourself these three questions.

1. What am I appreciating and is working for me?

2. What is not working?

3. What would feel better?

Acknowledging where you are at and then choosing where you want to go allows you to immediately change course, moving you away from the yucky constricted energy and back out into the expansive energy of possibility.

It shifts your focus, opens things up and allows you to move back into alignment with your desire.

Give it a try and let me know what happens!


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