Tom Jones, Naked Baking and A Special Treat for You

Love is in the air … everywhere I look around

Love is in the air … every sight and every sound.

Gotta love Tom Jones!!! (Now I got this damn song stuck in my head!)

Red hearts cc1Valentines Day is almost here! It’s the perfect excuse to love each other up and eat chocolate. Plus, my sweetie always comes up with the best presents…like the year he baked me a heart shaped chocolate cake wearing nothing but my lady bug apron. (Yes, he looked hot AND the cake was delicious.)

But I’m getting off topic here….

I love reaching out to other kick-ass entrepreneurs! Why?

Because I know what it is like to doubt myself, feel overwhelmed, and endlessly worry about getting it right.

I know how hard it is to stay anchored into your vision and faith that you can pull it all off.

Some days it’s hard to trust that everything will work out, let alone see how to do it.

I’ve cried many tears, feeling like a failure, and wondering if I should go out and get a job.

But I don’t. And I don’t want you to do that either, unless it feels better to do so.

I’d rather offer you a Juicy Goodness Infusionshot of pure positive power to reconnect you to your inspiration, ignite your passion and get you back on track.

It’s the perfect way to show your dreams and aspirations how much you love them!

You know what else I love?

Frank Butterfield and the Communion of Light. He helps me expand my mind and adjust my perspective in such delightful ways. Right now I’m digging two of his series- Synchronicity and Wealth and Prospering Relationships. If you love Abraham-Hicks you’ll love Frank too.

Danielle Laporte— I have the biggest fangirl crush on her. She totally rocks. I resonate deeply with her work. I highly recommend her book- The Desire Map– the perfect tool for tapping into how you want to feel in your life.

Theresa Reed–  She’s my favorite thug tarot reader and hustler for kindness. Her new thing is pretty freaking awesome and much needed! It’s called The Kindness Hustle, a 30 day e-course designed to help spread an epidemic of loving kindness. The mission: start changing the vibration and energy through small, everyday actions.

P!nk– I love her music and everything she stands for. A true rockstar, freaking real and bad-ass.  Raise A Glass is my theme song. Dance with me!

Share a few of the things that you love in the comments below.

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