intuitionDo you trust your desires?

They come in all shapes and sizes and can be related to anything – sex, cupcakes, work or play.

I consider a desire to be a wish, craving, or longing for something that wells up inside of you, sets your soul on fire and tickles you with delight at the thought of experiencing it.

You feel a sense of expansion when you think of it and you want to take action to bring it into being.

That is unless you are someone who has bought into the lie that says you can’t have what you want and there is something wrong with you for thinking you can.This lie causes you to distrust your desires.

When you distrust your desires they become a reason to feel bad about yourself.

You make yourself wrong for wanting a cupcake (I’m too fat already) or think you don’t deserve it (who am I to write a book that will influence people and change lives?).

Perhaps you think they are just plain ridicules (that isn’t even close to what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing) and a total waste of time (cause I can’t pull it off anyway).

This lie makes you believe that you can’t have what you want.

Sometimes this belief is right out there in the open for everyone to see, but for other people it sits way down low in the shadows and whispers to them – “It’s too risky. Better play it safe. Be smart about it.”

It prevents you from really going after what you desire whole heartedly.

I see this belief sitting way down low in the shadows for most of my clients. A very specific burning desire prompts them to take action and set up shop. They begin to build their business and try out a few different things that feel safe, but when it comes to bringing their true desire out into the world, it feels way too risky.

They get caught up in self-doubt, over-analyzing and second guessing when it comes to offering up what they really want to share. So they rein themselves in and create watered down versions of what they really want to offer and end up feeling completely dis-satisfied with the results.

Has that ever happened to you?

You can’t help but feel unsatisfied- your desire is still sitting there, poking at you, waiting to be set free.

Desires don’t go away. They sit and fester when ignored, making you feel uncomfortable.

The REAL problem is that you are not allowing yourself to fully embrace your truth….that burning desire that lights you up and makes your heart leap at the very thought of it.

Want to know how to shift the discomfort so you can finally feel good about what you are doing?

I’ll tell you what I tell all my clients- Trust your desires!

Trust your desires.

Know that the Universe….God…Source energy… wouldn’t infuse you with something you are so passionate about if it wasn’t meant for you. The Universe would never play you like that. It’s on your side, helping you live a life you love.

Doing work your passionate about with people you dig working with is part of the deal.

If it feels good and expansive to you- it’s meant for you.

Tune into your desires and let them lead you down the path to success.



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