Tune into Your Inner-Guidance by Embracing Your Psychic Ability

Tuning into your inner -guidance is necessary of you want to break free and start living a Kick-Ass Life ! It  will show you the way to all kinds of awesomeness!

In order to help you tune into your inner-guidance I asked a fellow Defy the Boxer and Kick-Ass Creator –Lisa the Punk Rock Psychic – to come talk  about embracing your intuition/psychic ability in order to know what is right for you.

We discuss how to access your inner-guidance and strengthen your connection to it, the practical uses of intuition-like finding parking spaces to getting ideas for projects, and how to use intuition to get unstuck. We also talk about how the clair’s work (our psychic senses that are simply psychic replicas of our physical ones), and some simple psychic tools like oracle card decks and how to get messages in a way that works for you.

You can listen to the 60 minute interview by clicking here-

How to Embrace your Psychic Ability

You can learn more about Lisa here- http://punkrockpsychic.com/about/

This show is hosted by Leah Shapiro- the Kick-Ass Life Coach at Defy the Box . Leah helps spiritual, creative, non-conforming souls embrace what makes them unique and different in order to create the Kick-Ass Life of their dreams.

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