Two Words that Shape Your Life

“Whatever follows the words “I am” is going to come looking for you.”

 ~ Joel Osteen

Every waking minute you are claiming something for yourself with the thoughts you think and the words you speak.

What do I mean when I say claiming it?

Whenever you say” I am __________ “, you are claiming that thing for yourself and calling it into your experience.

Your “I am” statements are the basis of your stories about who you are and what is possible. These stories are shaping your life and determining what you experience. This is all happening unconsciously, unless you are purposefully focused on them.

How do these stories shape your life?  When you claim something by saying “I am” it becomes part of your self-concept and your mind starts to look for evidence to support that story and you call more of the same energy to you.

We are masters at finding evidence to support our stories about who we are.

I worked with a women entrepreneur who constantly told the story of how stupid she was and how much she sucked. Anytime something went wrong her response was- “I’m stupid, I should have known better.”  She fiercely defended this idea, no matter what was said, she had a long list of evidence to back it up. Everything that ever went wrong was her fault. It affected her business because she took everything personally and could get any perspective on what was working and not working for her.  Once she started telling a new story everything changed for her. She was finally able to stop blaming herself and start identifying what was and wasn’t working in her business.

Then there was the musician who constantly told himself he wasn’t good enough and thought that he needed to practice more and more in order to BE good enough. The fact that he was in demand as a drummer and had people praising him didn’t seem to matter. He was so attached to his story that he wasn’t good enough; he couldn’t see anything to the contrary. When he was playing, he would be hyper critical of himself and over analyze every move he made, which resulted in him being stiff and awkward.  Then he started to tell a new story and everything changed for him. He learned to see how talented he was and over the course of a year he went from struggling to pay the bills to being AMAZED at how much money he was making. He had more gigs than he could handle and more students then he could fit into his schedule.

The stories you tell about yourself matter! They are the difference between being happy or  making money and not.

I know it sounds simple but if you change your story you will change your life!

Pay attention to what you are claiming for yourself with “I am” statements, especially the ones that say you are not good enough and lacking in some way.

Then re-write those stories to serve you.

For example:

I am not good enough—-shift to—–I am magnificent and powerful

I am not making enough money— shift to—– I am looking for ways to expand my income

I am concerned about my future —– shift to—— I am excited about my future and all the opportunities it will bring.

I am tired and worn out———shift to——-I am looking forward to my second wind.

What are the stories that you tell about yourself?

How can you re-write them to better serve you?

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