Unleash Yourself FAQ.


I’ve been getting some great questions as people are signing up. I’m guessing some of you have the same questions so I figured I’d lay it all out for you here.



“$495 seems like a lot of money! I’m not sure I can afford it.” – I know, $495 seems like a significant chunk of change to lay out… but let me ask you how much money you spend on a weekly basis trying to de-stress and feel better about where you’re at?

Engaging in shop therapy, after work drinks, and splurging on treats to feel better about the week you’ve had adds up fast! I know I spent at least $100 dollars (probably more) a week on random crap that I thought would make me feel better before I unleashed myself.

It all comes down to this- Is your freedom worth it?



“I’m not sure if now is the right time”- When will be the right time? If the class is resonating with you there is no REAL reason to put it off till the future. Unleash Yourself will make your life better and much more satisfying. It’s the boost you need to finally do all those things you’ve been dreaming of. The time is NOW.

“I’m busy and don’t have enough time to do the work.” – Sure you do. The only thing that has a specific time frame is the Wednesday afternoon Q & A calls and they are recorded so even if you can’t be on one-you don’t miss out. The class is designed to be flexible. You work at your own pace and have 30 days to get it all done. Besides- this work feels so good you will be making it your priority because it adds so much goodness to your day.
“I’m feeling lazy about having homework”- I get it, who wants to do homework…..but it’s not algebra or anything crappy like that. It’s all about you and what you want to create in your life. I know- it can be scary to look at yourself because then you might have to change something, but that’s the point right? You’re not satisfied with where you are at and are ready to shift it. Unleash Yourself! will help you do that.
Let me add that once you learn to master your inner critic and the art of manifesting what you desire- you will have a lot more space and energy in your life. Second guessing, doubting and over analyzing things is exhausting. Unleash Yourself! will show you how to stop doing that.


Making Changes

“I’m afraid that I’m going to loose what I already have if I change things” – You don’t have to lose anything valuable in order to make a change in your life. The whole point of making changes is to get what you want. If you already have it, there’s no reason to change that aspect of your life. But it seems that some people have had the experience of losing things when they made changes. And this is because they didn’t know how to arrange it so that the important pieces stayed solid while letting those things that are not important drift away. I’ll walk you through the steps to change what needs changing AND keep what you already like about your life.


Men Are Invited Too??

YES!!! I’ve decided that it’s about time we let some kick-ass men into our Unleashing Club. I’ve enjoyed offering Unleash Yourself  to women only over the past 6 runs of it, but this time I feel the call to open it up to men too. Everyone can benefit from unleashing! I like the dynamic of having men and women together in a group witnessing each other.  It’s POWERFUL stuff.


Personalized Attention

“I worry I won’t get enough personal attention in a group setting.”  I get that….it’s easy to feel that you’ll get lost in a big group. That’s why I keep the group size manageable and schedule a live Q & A call each week. Plus, there are lots of opportunities to ask for help and support in our virtual classroom. I’ll be checking in a a few times a day and if you ask a question, I’ll answer it.

PLUS- I offer you the opportunity to book a discounted private coaching session if you need it during the run of the class. ( If you sign up before Sept. 5th you can get a coaching session and energy clearing for free as a reward for acting fast.)


Choose the Payment Option That Works Best For You


One easy payment of $495.

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Two payments of $260

(One payment now and one payment in 30 days.)
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Money-back Guarantee

If you show up to each of the weekly Q & A calls, complete all the assignments, and participate in the Facebook group conversations and STILL don’t notice a size-able shift in how you feel- I’ll give you a full refund.

Still Not Sure if You’re Ready to Commit?

Email me here with your questions

or if you prefer to get on the phone and talk about it -head over here to set up a delightful 30 minute conversation so we can get to know each other, answer your questions and discuss if Unleash Yourself is a good fit for you.

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