An important message for all you Rebels, Rule Breakers and Renegades…

You Don’t Have To Fight To Be Free!

Give Yourself Permission To Fly Your Freak Flag And Live The Life You Want To Live

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a creative rebel, there is nothing you want more than the freedom to be YOU and to live a kick-ass life full of fun and adventure. Where people love and accept you AND give you money for sharing your magic with the world.

You’ve rejected the same old, dull, uninspiring normal life that 90% of society lives: get up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch TV, and go to bed in order to get up and do it all again the next day. This kind of life sucks! You’ve got big things to do in the world and you’re sick and tired of reigning yourself in to make other people comfortable. It’s just not working for you.

You’ve already taken your fair share of classes and read plenty of books about starting your own business, law of attraction and manifesting what you want, but you’re frustrated by the results and disappointed in yourself because you feel like so much more is possible; if you could just figure out how to make it work.

Your confidence is shot. Deep down you’re still afraid of really putting yourself out there and doing your own thing because it feels too risky. You’re soooo  tired of being judged.

The thought of settling for the unfulfilling life you’re living makes you want to go tune out on the couch with a large pizza, box of wine and binge watch Lost Girl….at least her life is kick-ass.

Deep down inside you know your life could be so much more.

If only you could stop…

  • having to defend yourself all the time. Explaining and justifying what you want to the people around you is exhausting! It feels like you’re fighting an uphill battle the entire way.
  • Feeling so bad about yourself; like you’ve let yourself down and aren’t living up to your full potential.
  • being paralyzed by self-doubt and over-analyzing things because you’re petrified of making a mistake and losing everything you’ve already created for yourself.
  • constantly worrying about what your clients, friends and family will think if you actually DO what you want to do. What if they don’t like it… or even worse- stop liking you?
  • listening to the voices in your head saying, “You’re not doing it right” or “Who do you think you are?”; “You can’t do THAT” and “You’re not ready!”
  • thinking about all the things you should be doing instead of being selfish and wanting something different for yourself.
  • believing there must be something wrong with you when you don’t get the results you are looking for.

What if I offered to help you stare down your fears, master your inner-critic, and stop worrying about what other people think in a matter of… well, days? (30 days to be exact!)

Choose Freedom Over Fear!

You, my dear renegade, are freaking fabulous and have the ability to create anything you’d like for yourself; be it a business that fits you perfectly or a kick-ass life you love.

But first, you need to Unleash Yourself from all the self-defeating beliefs and other crap that is preventing you from flying your freak flag, loving yourself, and doing the epic shit you’re here to do!


Unleash Yourself and…

  • Get on the fast track to true happiness and freedom by giving yourself permission to be 100% you with no apologies or excuses, so you can reclaim your power, fall in love with yourself, and feel accomplished.
  • Change the way you think about yourself, your life and what is possible and refocus on what you want out of life and the impact you want to have on the world.
  • Stop worrying about what you should do and learn to listen to your heart, trust your instincts, make choices and take action that feels right AND gets the results you’re looking for.
  • Feel happier and more comfortable in your skin so you no longer worry about being judged.
  • Gain the confidence to speak your truth, reach out to the people you want to work with, and finally do all the stuff you’ve been dying to do without having to explain or justify yourself.
  • Change your perspective, shift your understanding of yourself and know that you are enough, you’re doing it right, and you are ready.

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We Could All Use Some Unleashing!

We live in a society that likes to create sheeple. From the very beginning we are taught to fit-in, follow the rules and do what is expected if we want to be accepted and loved.

inner-criticIn business and in our day to day lives, we’re conditioned to believe there’s a right way and a wrong way to do things, to look, to act, to live. It may look a little different depending on where you live and what your culture is, but the thing that stays the same is the belief – This is what you are supposed to do and if you can’t pull it off there must be something wrong with you.

This belief is the root of all your negative mind chatter which confuses you, tells you what you should be doing and that you’re not good enough.

We are never taught how to love and trust ourselves, or listen to our hearts, or encouraged to be who we are; nor are we taught how to go our own way and identify what works for us.


It’s a damn shame because that is exactly what we need to do if we want to create a life full of freedom and freak flag flying.

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If you’re a renegade like me, you certainly didn’t fit in, and you’ve had your own ideas about things, which lead to a lot of criticism, questioning, and resistance from the people around you. I always felt like I had to fight to be me. It was exhausting.

I spent 35 years trying to play the game in order to be successful. My life looked great on paper, but it felt horrible to me. I was frustrated and pissed off and tired of pretending to conform. I decided to quit my job in the restaurant business, use my social psych degree, and go to school to become a life coach. In 2003, I started my own coaching business helping other non-conforming souls break free of the status quo and create lives that fit them perfectly.


I learned something really interesting along the way….

You don’t have to fight to be free.

Just like you, my clients felt a lot of resistance to their decision to fly their freak flags and live life on their own terms. They dealt with a lot of self-doubt, negativity, nay-sayers and obstacles along their paths.

The more I worked with them – and did the same processes I shared with them for myself- it became really clear the only battle that was going on was inside our own heads.

All those negative voices saying you should be different, better, smarter; and the part of you that worries about what other people will say are the only things holding you back.

These voices make you doubt yourself and believe there’s something wrong with you. All this fucks with your energy and your ability to attract what you want.

But even deeper, it does a number on your ability to love and accept yourself. This is why you constantly feel like you’re being judged. You’re doing it to yourself.

The more you love and accept yourself for who you really are, the easier it is to naturally find your happy place, share your gifts, access more freedom and live the life you want to live. Besides loving yourself feels awesome and produces some powerful energy to be creating your life with.

It all comes down to loving and accepting who you are and giving yourself permission to fly your freak flag and live the life you want to live.

This realization transformed the way I work with clients and prompted me to create Unleash Yourself.



 Give yourself permission to be 100% you and live the life you want to live. No apologies. No regrets.

Class starts Sept 27th, 2014

(Registration closes on 9/25)

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Here’s How We’ll Do This

Unleash Yourself is a 30 day program that works on multiple levels to help you identify and release the crap that holds you back while supercharging your self-love factor so you can get on the fast track to true happiness and freedom by giving yourself permission to be 100% you.

For thirty days you will be immersed in a sea of goodness that consists of a weekly lessons, Q&A calls, personal explorations, helpful audio’s and a super supportive community of courageous renegades in a private FB group.

You’ll receive……


A Simple Daily Practice

This practice is guaranteed to shift your focus and raise your energy vibration to a higher level so you can feel good and start attracting what you want into your life. My clients have been doing this practice for years, and they tell me they benefit from:

  • Reduced stress levels
  • Instant attitude adjustments
  • Increased levels of peace and happiness
  •  Greater sense of self-worth
  •  All-around improved awesomeness


Targeted Assignments

Each week you will receive an email containing a recorded lesson, transcript, and a variety of assignments that explore the topic of the week.

These assignments go deep but aren’t difficult. They shine the light of awareness on your innermost beliefs, help shift your mindset and free you from the crap the holds you back. You’ll also learn some new tricks for supercharging your creative power.

I know- it can be scary to look at yourself because then you might have to change something, but that’s the point right? You’re tired of pushing so hard, not satisfied with where you are at and are ready to shift it. Unleash Yourself! will help you do that.

Let me add that once you turn down the volume on your mind chatter and master the art of manifesting what you desire without having to fight for it- you’ll have a lot more space and energy in your life to do the things you want to do.

Second guessing, doubting and over analyzing things is exhausting. It fucks with your energy and bogs you down. Unleash Yourself teaches you how to stop doing that, plus I’ll show you how to amplify the energy of what you want more of in your life so the things you want show up faster.


Weekly Q & A Call

We’ll follow up the weekly lessons with a live 90 minute Q & A call so you can ask any questions you have about the material covered and get some live coaching if you’re stuck.

These calls will occur Wednesday’s at noon PT / 3 pm EST

All calls will be recorded. If you can’t make the live call you always get your questions answered in our kick-ass private FB group.


Virtual Classroom, Ongoing Support and Kick-Ass Community

When you join, you’ll be added to our private Facebook group where you’ll receive support and encouragement with your assignments from both me and other group members.

The Facebook group will serve as our virtual classroom and you’ll be able to post your homework for feedback, ask questions you’d like answered, and contribute ideas and suggestions.

I’ll be stopping by a few times a day to answer your questions and see how you’re doing.

An added benefit of the Facebook group is the ability to interact with your fellow travelers on this journey. You’ll be able to share thoughts and ideas, express your fears and reservations, get support when you’re running out of momentum, and make new friends along the way. The coolest people show up in this program – you’re going to love them and they are going to love you too! In short, you won’t be doing it alone. You’ll have a whole group of fellow renegades urging you forward.

After the 30-day class is over, you’ll still have access to the group and all the resources in it.


An Extensive Collection of Helpful Resources


A series of audio’s specifically made to support you during the Unleashing process. I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite renegades to create these audios. We share indispensable insights and proven tools for up-leveling your life and expanding into your greatness. These audios’s will help you shift your perspective and transform your mindset. Plus we share all our secrets for using the law of attraction to create the life you want to live.

Video’s and PDF’s that help deepen your learning. I’ve made a variety of video’s and pdf’s especially for Unleash Yourself over the 6 different runs of the class. You have access to everything I’ve created so far.

Two powerful E-books to help you when you’re stuck. Getting Off The Fear Rollercoaster will help you move through fear and Discovering Kick-Ass will help you discover what your version of a Kick-Ass Life Looks like.

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Here’s a Breakdown of The Weekly Lessons

Week 1: A New Way of Doing Things

Discover a new way of doing things that’ll quickly shift your perspective, boost your confidence and bring you into alignment with where you want to be.

  •  The importance of focus, feelings and contrast
  • The two most important questions to ask yourself
  •  How to know when you are on track and in alignment with your desire
  • What to do when you encounter obstacles on your journey

Week 2: Truth, Lies & Consequences

Change your stories and inner dialogue so you can change your life.

  • The stories we tell ourselves (How do you know if it is true or a lie?)
  • What are you claiming for yourself?
  • What to do with other people’s expectations
  • Removing your limitations and rewriting your stories
  • Breakdown before breakthrough
  • Telling a new story

Week 3: Claim Your Power

Identify the self-defeating thoughts that keep you playing small while simultaneously boosting your creative power.

  • The only thing you CAN control
  • Owning your Life- The art of personal responsibility
  • Friend or Foe? – Identifying the voices in your head, and making them work for you rather than against you
  • Your Own Personal Love Fest- Loving and accepting yourself, turning your weaknesses into strengths, owning what is awesome about you
  • Making space
  • Facing Fear and Enjoying Liberation

Week 4: Bring on the Juicy Goodness!

Learn how to open the way for what you want to flow into your life without having to push and fight to make it happen.

  • The essential steps nobody talks about
  • Why saying “Yes” is just as important as saying “No”
  • Why “Doing” can be counterproductive
  • Why you’re not getting what you want – and how to change that

Week 5: Kick-Ass Support

Setting You Up for Sumptuous Success.

  • Supporting yourself as you move forward
  • How to deal with the bad days
  • The value of an external support structure

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The Dollar Investment

How long have you been pushing and fighting to create the life you want to live? How much would it be worth to you to put down the struggle and get on the fast track to true happiness and freedom? $1,000? $10,000?

The price for the entire 30-day program including the live weekly Q&A calls; recorded lessons, transcripts, and targeted assignments; daily access to me in the virtual class room; online support and a treasure trove of helpful audio’s and other resources is


Registration closes Thursday Sept 25th.

Unleash Yourself and there is nothing stopping you from flying your freak flag and boldly ruling your world.

Money-back Guarantee

If you show up to each of the weekly Q & A calls, complete all the assignments, and participate in the Facebook group conversations and STILL don’t notice a size-able shift in how you feel- I’ll give you a full refund.


Not Sure if You’re Ready to Commit?

Email me here with your questions

or if you prefer to get on the phone and talk about it -head over here to set up a delightful 30 minute conversation so we can get to know each other, answer your questions and discuss if Unleash Yourself is a good fit for you.


Have More Questions?

Check out the FAQ page where you will find answers to commonly asked questions.


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