Unleashing the Wild, Amazing, and Beautiful You

This week on our radio show- My Kick-Ass Dream Life– we begin a new series of 4 shows called

Unleashing the Wild, Amazing ,and Beautiful You

We picked this topic because a major component of living a Kick-Ass Life is feeling good in your own skin. This affects everything from your physical appearance, your health, and your ability to fully expand into your own unique brilliance. When you feel good in your own skin your confidence shows and you radiate positive energy out into the world.

The problem is that many women & men don’t feel good in their own skin! This is because we’re constantly bombarded with unrealistic standards for beauty that are impossible to measure up to. It is really easy to get caught up in the idea that you’re not ‘good enough’ as you are. This creates all kinds of inner discourse that affects how we feel about ourselves and what we think in possible in our lives.

Feeling bad about the way you look is so NOT  part of a Kick-Ass Life!

The reality is that we all have our own unique version of beauty. Give yourself permission to embrace yours! The sooner you do, the sooner you will be able to unleash the wild, amazing, and beautiful you that will be center stage in your Kick-Ass Life.

This series of shows is designed to help you embrace your own unique beauty.

Here is the weekly break down of  what you can expect.

( Each show airs live on Monday at 3 PM EST-come join us and get in on the conversation. You can also download the recording to listen at your convenience.)

Monday-12/20 at 3 PM EST

Unleashing the Wild, Amazing, and Beautiful You- Claiming it!


During this first week we will discuss the power of CLAIMING your right to be comfortable in your own skin, and we will discuss ways you can empower yourself to do this.

January 3 2011 3 PM EST

Unleashing the Wild, Amazing, and Beautiful You- Start looking for your own unique beauty.


Today we will be focusing on empowering yourself to start looking for your own unique beauty.

When you look in the mirror what is the first thing you notice?  Most people see their flaws. You notice that your butt looks too big or that your hair needs to be colored. Maybe you focus on the wrinkles around your eyes and how worn out you look.

When do you get around to looking for your beauty? Do you even see it?

Empower yourself to look for your beauty rather than your flaws.

During the show today we will discuss the reasons why you will want to do this and we will give you some tips on how to shift your focus so you can start identifying exactly what your version of unique beauty is.

January 10th 2011 3 PM EST

Unleashing the Wild, Amazing, and Beautiful You: What blocks you?


This is the third show in our series ‘Unleashing the Wild, Amazing, and Beautiful You’- What stops you from seeing your own extraordinary beauty? What blocks you from allowing yourself to see it in it’s entirety? Did your upbringing focus on your radiance and gorgeousness?  It is important to identify the stories and pre-packaged beliefs that are holding you back and keeping you from fully stepping into your amazing-ness.

During this episode we will address reasons why you resist embracing your wild, amazing and beautiful self.

January 17,  2011 3 PM EST

Unleashing the Wild, Amazing , and Beautiful You: Set Yourself Up for Success


This is the Fourth show in our series Unleashing the Wild, Amazing, and Beautiful You. Over the past 3 weeks we have talked about Claiming your right to feel comfy in your own skin, how to empower yourself to see your magnificence in it’s entirety as well as ways to recognize many pre-packaged beliefs that block you from embracing your kick-ass-ness. In this fourth week we will teach you how to amplify what you already have so that it easily expands into more amazing juicy goodness, and we will show you how to set your self up for success just by embracing your amazing self.

I hope you can listen to this series of  shows!

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