Vision vs. Plan

I hate when I am filling out a questionnaire and I am faced with the question: What is your 1 year, 5 year and 10 year plan for your life. I never know what to put. Time frames and plans just don’t work for me. They seem limiting.
What I would rather do is connect to my vision for my life. I think having a vision is a powerful thing.  It gives you a destination to aim at, but the freedom to get there anyway you like.

For example, let’s say you are planning a cross country trip. What is more appealing to you:  having everything panned out day by day with a specific route to follow, with each stop timed and laid out in advance? Since you have not been on this journey before you are basically guessing what you want to see based on the travel guides and what other people say. Keep in mind there is no time for dilly-dallying because your time frame is limited. You follow your itinerary and hope that you made the right choices when you laid everything out.
Or do you prefer to have a looser schedule, with plenty of time for exploring and following your interests. Since you have never been on this journey, you have some ideas about what you want to see and do, but you want to leave plenty of room for exploration and experiencing the journey. Maybe you are over come with the beauty of the Grand Canyon and decide to stay there for a few days, or you meet some interesting people and they invite you to come to their place in New Mexico for a week or so. You take your time rambling along until you arrive at your destination after experiencing everything that came along and caught your fancy.
Do you get the appeal of having a vision instead of a plan?
Do you know how to create and connect to your vision for your life?
I will be exploring this topic in my  blog and in the Defy the Box community over the next two weeks. Come join the conversation.

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