Want To Get Unstuck? STOP doing THIS.

Want to know the fastest way to get unstuck?

Step out of your pastStop telling the story of why you’re stuck.

Stop analyzing it.

Stop asking “Why?” and “What happened?” and “How did I get here?”

Stop talking about it with your friends and trying to identify the spot where things went wrong and who’s to blame.

Stop mapping it out with your therapist, or coach, or guru.

It doesn’t matter WHY you’re stuck or HOW you got there, what matters is where you want to BE heading NOW. How you want to feel. What you’d like to be doing. The more willing you are to let go of your story, the easier it is to move forward.

The way to get unstuck is to step out of your past and into your future. Stop telling the story of how it was and start telling the story of how you want it to be.

Try this– Instead of hanging out with your friends looking backwards and analyzing why you’re stuck, try facing forwards and conjuring up your future. Talk about how you want things to be: what it will feel like to live it!

Give your focus, attention and energy to what you DO want to create for yourself.



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Need some help facing forward and getting unstuck?

Check out Clearing the Way! Part coaching, part energy clearing- this process will help you step out of your past and into your future.



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