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Welcome Renegades!

How wonderful that you’ve decided to join me on this transformational  journey.

You are going to LOVE it!

Class officially starts on Sept. 27th, 2014

Before then, you will be emailed everything  you need to participate, plus you will be added to our FB group.

Mark the dates for the live Q & A calls in your calendar now- All calls will be on Wednesdays at  noon PT/ 3 ET

Oct 1

Oct 8

Oct 15

Oct 22

Oct 29


Jump right into the class pre-work by downloading and filling out these two forms. We will be referring to them in the first week of the class. I suggest getting started with these NOW so you have them completed before we dive into the week 1 work.

Right click the titles below to download the forms. Then fill them out and save them for the first week of class.

Self-Evaluation Worksheet The purpose of this first worksheet is to take a snapshot of your life and get a clear picture of where you are at right now.

DesigningYourLusciousLifeWorksheet  This worksheet is designed to help you focus on what you want to create in your life and business.  One of the challenges that people face is focusing on what they DON’T want rather than on what they do and this is why things don’t work out for them.  In this worksheet, you are invited to start focusing in the right direction to manifest what you really want in your world.

Can you feel the anticipation building? I sure do! I can’t wait to jump in with you.

Feel free to contact me with any questions that you have at Leah@LeahShapiro.com Be sure to add this address to your whitelist. It is the one we will be using to send you all the class messages and juicy goodness.

If you are too excited to wait until the 27th to start….

Dive into a few of the amazing resources I’ve created for the class.

 Kick-Ass Audio’s

I teamed up with some of my favorite people to create these audiosWe share invaluable insights and proven tools for up-leveling your life and expanding into your greatness. These audios’s will help you shift your perspective and master valuable skills so that you can accomplish things you haven’t been able to before. Use this link to access the audio series. I suggest downloading the audio’s to your smart phone or MP3 player and listening to them when you are out doing errands, exercising or driving in your car.


Download the E-books below. You’ll need the information in these programs to help you with the changes you’re going to be making.   Get-Off-the-Fear-Roller-Coaster1-150x150

Get Off the Fear Roller Coaster If you don’t know how to deal with fear, it can keep you from reaching your dreams. This e-book will teach you the secret to eradicating fear and taking action, instead.




    Discovering Kick-Ass Guide This e-book is full of fun, thought provoking assignments to help you identify exactly what YOU need to live a life you love.







I can’t wait to dive in with you.

Rock on!



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