What are You Talking Yourself Out Of?

I work with all kinds of people who are tired of the status quo and want help breaking free from their pre-package lives. They come to me because they feel stuck in limbo and can’t figure out what will make their life feel more fulfilling, meaningful and fun. They want some clarity and a plan to shift things.

This might surprise you, but in most cases they actually already know what it is that will make their life more fulfilling, meaningful and fun, but they talked themselves out of it. Their heart has clearly showed them what they are passionate about and their head  convinced them that they shouldn’t waste their time pursuing it.

Do you ever find yourself letting your head talk your heart out of going after what you’re passionate about?

The great thing is that with a bit of coaching it’s easy to break free of the pre-packaged beliefs that fill your head and cause you to think that you shouldn’t follow your heart and do what interests you.

For example, the 30 something year old dude who was struggling to maintain his sanity in the secure, practical management job that he had. He felt trapped and needed help figuring out how to shift things so his life felt better.  After a few coaching sessions it was obvious that what he was really passionate about was being a musician, but he kept convincing himself that this was not a practical idea. He had bought in the pre-packaged belief that you can’t make money as a musician and you needed a real job in order to be a successful, responsible adult.

This is why he felt so trapped. His head was talking himself out of  what his heart was crying out for and it was making him totally depressed. I gave him the assignment to think of all the possible ways that he could make money as a musician, and to open up to the possibility. Next thing you know he had a list of options and new opportunities, and created a plan. Four months into his plan he was supporting himself as a musician, and now has more opportunities than he knows what to do with. His life is Kick-Ass!

I also worked with a woman who was turning 40 and wanted help creating the next phase of her life. For the past 20 years she had been focused on being responsible and was burnt out. She felt that  now was the time to create space to honor her creativity more. She felt limited in her options, and wanted help figuring out what this could look like for her. Once we started working together it became clear that what she really wanted was to write and to make the space in her life to do that, but she kept talking herself out of going for it because she didn’t think that was practical. Once we cleared out the pre-packaged beliefs that convinced her that she shouldn’t pursue this passion, and started looking at all the ways it could work, all kinds of possible scenarios started to appear. As her excitement about leaving her job to pursue her passion grew, the people around her got excited too. Everything began to fall into place and she now is set herself up to be able to do what interests her and still take care of her responsibilities. Her Kick-Ass Life is unfolding before her as we speak.

Next time you’re feeling unsatisfied and trapped, take some time to check in and see what your heart wants you to do. Pay attention to the pre-packaged beliefs that begin to fill your head and tell you all the reasons why you shouldn’t do it. Play in the realm of possibilities and start asking “How could this work? “

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