What Are Your Emotions Telling You???

Lately, I have been talking about Hedonism and how important it is to seek out what feels good to you. This is important work because your emotions are a sure fire way to tell if you are in alignment with all the juicy goodness that is just waiting for you to discover it.

Your emotions are the part of you that is connected to your super deluxe navigation system. It is super deluxe because it is always honing in on what will bring you the most happiness, fun and meaning into your life. This system has an amazing big picture perspective and can clearly see the juicy goodness even when you can’t.
It communicates with you through your emotions. When you are on course, you feel good. You may feel happy, inspired, excited, or interested. The more you focus and think about these good feelings, the farther down the path of juicy goodness you will travel.

When you are veering off course you feel bad. You may become irritated, jealous, frustrated, or angry. The farther of course you veer, the more intense the emotions and the more likely you are to start manifesting negative experiences to go along with and validate the bad feelings. Life will start to suck. This is a clear indicator that you are way out of alignment and totally off course.

I want to add this in: It is not your job to control or change your emotions. All you need to do is learn how to tune into how you feel. Let your emotions guide you along and show you the way to a life that totally Rocks!

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