What Do You Stand For?

Here’s part three of my series describing the three key components to flying your freak flag so you can AMP UP your shine factor and make more money.

In my last post I talked about owning who you are and what differentiates you from all the rest.

Let’s rock out Key 2: 

Taking a stand for what you believe in

Why do you do what you do?

I know there is a very specific reason why you decided to open up your business.
On the surface it might have been because you don’t want to work for someone else, or it was to make money, but I know that there’s more to it than that.

Connecting to the reason WHY you do what you do, knowing what you believe in, and setting up your business to reflect that is the way to attract loyal fans who give you money.

It all comes down to this:
People buy what they believe in.

They hire you & become loyal fans because they resonate with what you stand for, and the revolution/transformation that you are offering.

The services you offer are the vehicle that transports people to your revolution

When you combine your revolution with your super powers; you become the obvious choice for your people.

If you don’t know WHY you do what you do, how can you compel someone to hire or be loyal to you?

 Taking a Stand

What do you stand for?

How do you feel about taking a stand for what you believe in?

Does it sound scary to you?

Are you afraid that if you express a strong opinion you will lose clients and people will unsubscribe from your list?

You know what? They will! People will unsubscribe and not work with you, but that is OK. They were not your right people to begin with.

Look at it this way, you want people to rally up under your freak flag. In order to do that you need be bold and courageous and have an opinion. Give them something to say ” Hell Yhea!” to!

Be a revolutionary and wave your flag high and proud! That’s the way to rally up your fans. Give them something to rally around.

What if you offend someone?

Who cares!!!!! Stop worrying about offending people! It limits your self expression.

I’m not suggesting that you intentionally say offensive things.

No matter how careful you are-not everyone is going to like you no matter what you do. You’re better off being yourself and saying what you want to say. Give people something to talk about! There is nothing worse than being forgettable.

People hire you because they have a strong opinion about you and resonate with what you’re offering.

The people who say “Hell Yeah” are your right people, and they are the ones who will give you money. The ones who don’t like what you have to say or the way you show up, were never going to buy anything from you to begin with. Got it?

Spend some time identifying what you believe in and stand for in your life and your business. It doesn’t matter if it’s freaky or obscure. If you feel strongly about it and are compelled to take action around this, I guarantee that there are people out there who are waiting for you to raise your flag so they can rally around it.


Helpful questions for identifying what you stand for

What’s your point of view about how the world works?

What drives you crazy?

What do you see as missing?

What pisses you off?

Where do you constantly want to take action to change things?

In most cases, this is what got you into the business that you are in. It’s the WHY and the driving force behind what you do



Share what you stand for in the comments below!



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