What Do You Stand For?

This month I’m part of a really cool program called the Morning Whip.  I’m in the process of fine tuning my biz to focus on working with non-conforming entrepreneurs who want to eliminate completion, stand out and shine, and make more money by flying their freak flag.

Since I know I’m very easily distracted by shiny things- the Daily Whip seemed like the perfect solution. I’m happy to say that it is totally working!!  I’m so clear on what my next steps are and I feel like I’ve gotten some serious momentum going now. Yay!! Plus I’m meeting some really cool women.

One of the assignments is to get crystal clear on your view point and revolution. Both pieces are essential because they allow you to take a stand for what you believe in and what you offer the world. This is crucial because the clearer you are on what you stand for and what you offer, the stronger the signal you’re sending out to the Universe- the faster the Universe will send opportunities to do it your way.

Your view point and revolution are unique to you. They are part of your freak flag, and when you wave it high and proud, it makes it really easy for the people who resonate with what you are offering to find you and buy from you.

Your view point is what makes you special, unique and different. It’s what you know to be true and feel passionate about. It’s the thing that drives you and the wisdom that you live by.

Your revolution is what pisses you off, what you see that’s missing and what you’re going to do about it.

This is such an important piece for entrepreneurs, especially if you are a coach, healer or other life transformation expert. This is the piece that will differentiate you from all the rest so that you don’t get lost in the crowd.

Do you know what your point of view and revolution is?

This is what I’ve come up with for mine.

My View Point

I am here to be fully self-expressed and create my life anyway I want too and you are too! We are both here to fly our freak flags high and proud and spend our time doing things that feel totally kick-ass.

I’m responsible for all my OWN outcomes and happiness…just like you.

There is no reason to stay stuck in any situation that feels sucky…EVER!!!

When I am fully self-expressed, taking 100% responsibility for my own life and doing what feels best to me; my life is totally kick-ass and I’m tapped into my ever abundant flow.

Mmmmmm….that feels good to think about!

My Revolution

It makes me crazy to see amazing, talented musicians, artists, healers and coaches struggling to survive and feeling like they need to give up their dreams and settle for a crappy job in order to be successful and make money!

Settling sucks!

Sure you might make some money if you go back to that soul-sucking job you used to have, but what about the quality of your life and your desire to be self-expressed and do what you love?

Giving up and conforming is not the way to go! Success lies in the opposite direction………..

The way to be successful is to stand out and shine by bringing more of you into your biz! Think about it. The most well known successful people got that way by doing their own thing. Oprah, Steve Jobs, Madonna, Sir Richard Branson, and Donald Trump all followed their dreams and played by their own rules. They are innovators. They did what they wanted to do the way they wanted to do it.

My revolution is showing musicians and entrepreneurs that the way to make money is to be full self-expressed and to fly your freak flag high and proud.

Be yourself-do what you love-own your talents-do things your way-stand out and shine!

Doesn’t that sound way better than settling and conforming?

I’d love to hear what your view point and revolution is! Share away in the comments down below.




How Not Flying Your Freak Flag Is Losing You Money

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