What I learned at the Kink Academy

This weekend I went on a fun adventure to the Kink Academy and got to spend some time with Princess Kali.


She is a true example of someone who is not afraid to embrace her Inner- Freak to create a life that is fun and prosperous.She offers a wide variety of classes and workshops as well as one –on- one mentoring to folks who want to explore their kinky side.

The more I talked with her, the more I realized that our messages are similar.

  • Have fun, play and explore.
  • Learn what turns YOU on and leave the rest.
  • It’s your world and you deserve to have as much fun and pleasure as you desire in the way that feels good to you.
  • Recognize and release the stories and beliefs that keep you from exploring and embracing this part of you.
  • It’s all good if it feels good to you and your partner.

My time spent with her reminded me that Life is like a big buffet with all kinds of choices. You fill your plate with the things that look good to you and try them out. Then go back for more if you liked it.

Rock On!

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