What I’m Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m using this time to focus on all the abundance and juicy goodness that is in my life.

YOU are certainly a big part of it.

I’m thrilled that you are part of my world and honored that I get to teach and inspire you to fly your freak flag and love your life. Thanks for reading my posts and hiring me as your coach. You are awesome!

I want to hear all about what you are most appreciating in your life and what you are wanting more of.

Here’s a  few of the things I’m appreciating right now………

~ My amazing friends and sweet lover-man. They see me for who I am and love and accept every last bit! It’s wonderful to be surrounded by such creative, smart, and talented people who freely share their gifts. WE make things happen and bring the BOOM and Sparkle wherever we go.

~ All the super, fun ways I get to share my gifts and be a bright light in the world. My biz fits me perfectly.  I love all my clients and the way we work together. Unleash Yourself is the perfect combination of my all my favorite ways to set yourself free and make your life rock. The Luscious Ladies Lounge is pure fun and excitement. I love that you are on this journey with me.

~The opportunity to be part of  Watch Her Thrive. This powerful movement is in aid of women in war torn countries, victims of rape and violence. It’s about giving a voice to these women and helping them rise up and thrive. I’ve contributed to the book and will be part of a 24 hour live video event happening on Monday 11/26.  You can join the live party (and maybe win a prize!) HERE 

But , in case you’re super pressed for time, there are two things I’d love you to do right now. (1) Visit http://WatchHerThrive.com to donate (you don’t have to wait until Monday to do this!)(2) Tell your friends! Please give what you can, whether that be social media love, encouragement, time or money. It all makes a massive difference.

Your Turn!!

Fill me in on all the juicy goodness in your world!



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