What is A Vision for My Life and Why Do I Need One?

Creating a vision is an essential step in manifesting a fabulous and meaningful life. It is the process of   connecting to the things you want in life. How you want your life to look and to feel. You can have a vision for every aspect of your life, such as relationships, work, home, financial, and health. It is a conscious act of choosing what would feel good to you.
A vision also gives you a positive place to aim yourself at as you move through your life. I think that many people are wondering aimlessly, going from one thing to the next, following a path that was laid out by other people, or what they think they are supposed to do. What brings success to one person does not necessarily work for another, and more importantly, it may not feel good to you.
A vision is a means of telling the universe what you want to experience. It is all about what you want more of. To me, this is one of the biggest problems facing most people. They do not spend time focusing their energy on what they want to have in life. Much of their time is spent focusing on what they do not want, and they continue to get more of that. What you focus on expands into your reality, so it best serves you to shift your attention to the things that feel good, are working for you and you say “YES I want more of that” to. This seems to be the opposite of what a majority of people do.
A vision draws you towards it. When you think of it you can tune into how good it feels. Doing so amplifies the energy of your desire and sends a clear message to the Universe, saying more of this pleases, and the Universe always gives you what you energetically ask for.
I find that creating a vision is extremely helpful when you are feeling stuck and are not sure what the next steps are for you. Taking some time to relax and think about what you want to experience is a powerful thing. It gives you a new direction to head in. Once you are clear on what you want it is surprising how easily things begin to open up and flow.
I wonder what your vision for your life is?  Do you even have one?

Next I will talk about HOW to create your Vision for your Life and how to amplify it and stay connected

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