What LOA Is and Isn’t

Please excuse me while I flip the fuck out!

I’m so sick of all the misinformation that is being spewed by all these so-called law of attraction experts!

The one’s who make you think it’s your fault if something bad happens!

Or, you must be doing it wrong if you aren’t getting the big piles of money, fancy cars and big houses that they are.

The one that makes me the craziest is this idea that you can’t even think a negative thought or your whole world will go to shit.

I actually had someone tell me that they wish they’d never even heard of the LOA because now they are afraid of thinking negative thoughts and exhausted by trying to be positive all the time (which is actually much worse than thinking the occasional negative thoughts).

Time to straighten this shit out once and for all, because it’s pretty clear that someone has to do it. It might as well be me since I’ve been studying and playing with LOA for over 10 years and pride myself on being able to explain it to an 8 year old.

The first bit of bullshit that needs to be cleared up is that the LOA is a trick, tool or secret that you pull out of your back pocket when you need a parking space or to get cars, money and houses.

The idea that you have to DO something to make it work is ridiculous, as is the notion that you are doing it wrong if everything you desire is not sitting on your front porch when you wake up in the morning.

Here’s why…

The LOA is an energetic principle, like gravity, it’s always in effect. You don’t have to do anything to activate it and you certainly don’t pull it out of your pocket and choose when you are going to use it.

Simply stated, the LOA = like energy attracts like energy. This is something that is being illustrated by science over and over again.

So why is this simple energetic principle so important? Because everything is made up of energy. EVERYTHING!

Including you, super star! Let’s not forget your words, thoughts, and feelings too.

This is the part that I find super cool, and important to grok…

Your thoughts, feelings, and emotional states create the energy that you are embodying and transmitting out into the world. Since like energy attracts like energy, you draw back to you thoughts, feelings, experiences and material things that resonate with what you are embodying /transmitting.

There is nothing for you to DO to make this all happen, but you are well served to be aware that this dynamic is always going on in the background.

In my next posts I’ll talk some more about why this is so important. I’ll address why you WANT to think negative thoughts and why it’s not your fault when bad things happen.

Rock on super stars!

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