What the Hell is The “Box”?

Defy the Box??? I don’t even know what the Box is.

Let’s start at the beginning.

“What exactly is this Box that you are talking about?”

We all live in a box. This box is made up of your thoughts and beliefs about how the world works and what is possible. These thoughts and beliefs are the lens that you perceive your experiences through. It becomes the container that you live your life from.

The question is: Is it a box of your own design?

For many people, the box is designed by someone else. It is made from ideas and beliefs handed down to us by our families, culture and society. It is made of the fear your parents carried about not having enough money and that thing your grandmother always said about being a good girl or boy. The box is created by the images we see on TV and in the media telling us how we should “dress for success” or what we need to be one of the “cool kids”.

What is the one thing that all these thoughts and beliefs have in common?

They are unexamined by you.

At some point you began to believe that they were true, or that it is just the way the world works. This is an unconscious process. The end result is that you end up living in a box created by someone else.

How does yours fit?

Are you comfortable in it?

Do you have enough breathing room?

Is there room for you to expand?

How might you go about redesigning it to fit you perfectly?

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