What will it take?

I have been concerned about a friend lately. He is a really cool guy; intelligent, attractive, he has many friends and he is well respected. I see that he is falling down into a deep hole and I am wondering if he will catch himself before things get too bad. I wonder how bad things have to get for him before he does something different. What will make him take action to change things?

It is hard to tell what someone’s limit for discomfort is. How far out on the edge is he willing to climb?

I know I used to be able to take a lot of discomfortbefore I took action. Mostly because I was so tuned out to how I felt and so focused on my story about what I was supposed to be doing. It made sense to be tuned out because I mostly felt frustrated and unsatisfied. That began to be the baseline. It felt normal.I was either resisting or holding onto something. Life did not feel very good. I was struggling. Just like my friend is now.

I made the choice to do something about my experience in life. I began the Priestess Path Apprenticeship, entered coaching school, and began working with a coach. I quickly learned that when I am in alignment with my authentic nature, things move smoothly and it is effortless. When I become out of alignment, the Universe sends a message to me in the form of discomfort. At first the message is subtle, but if you miss it, then the next one will be a bit louder. For example, first you may feel a slight bump in the road, then you trip, then you fall in a big hole in the ground, then a bus might hit you. It goes on until you get it.

Right now the Universe is sending my friend a very loud message. I hope he hears it!

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