What You Desire Wants You Too.

I’m noticing something really interesting in the soon-to-be-not-so-secret-group I’m running……it’s really hard to give yourself permission to have what you want and to trust that it wants to be with you too.

HOW AM I GOING TO GET THIS THING seems to be more relevant than what you’re going to do with it and how it’s going to awesome-a-ize your life.

Even in your imagination, you have to change, overcome obstacles and become worthy before you can see yourself HAVING and enjoying the thing you desire.

FYI….you are already worthy and can have everything that you desire. Stop acting as if your desire is trying to elude you. It wants to be with you. That’s why it showed up in the first place. Your job is to create the space and allow it to come in.

How do you create the space for your desire to come in?

Entertain the idea that you can have what you want!

Spend time playing with your desire and imagining yourself having it and enjoying it.

Get specific about how you will use it and what it looks like in your day to day life. If it’s more money you want, joyfully spend it over and over again. Doing so anchors your desire into the material world and allows the details of HOW it’s going to show up to unfold. Plus it feels delightful to play with your desire in this way.

Getting all caught up on HOW it’s going to get there knocks you out of alignment, constricts your energy, feels crappy, and sends a big signal saying- I don’t really believe that I can have what I want.

The HOW will make itself known in good time, you just need to give it room to breath and unfold.



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