What’s Up With Devotion Anyway?

Been thinking about devotion lately; my relationship to it, what I’m devoted to, and how it affects my life.

Freedom, freak flag flying, and feeling good are at the top of the list for me. Along with being a mermaid and making pottery.

When I’m loyal and true to these things, my life is amazing. The way is open and I feel free.

DevotionI wrestled with the concept of devotion for a long time.              

In a moment of frustration, I actually yelled – What’s up with devotion anyway???!! – at a spiritual teacher of mine.

On one hand, I was attracted to the word and wanted to wrap myself up in it because it felt precious, sacred and powerful; and people I admire often talked about their devotional practices.

I looked around for something to be devoted too, something to pray to or dedicate a daily practice to, but would always get stuck on the long term commitment part of it. (Commitment issues…I got them).

Part of me that found it too confining and restrictive. Being devoted to something felt like an obligation requiring lots of my time, or some kind of religious fervor that would have me down on my knees praying for hours at a time, which is NOT appealing to a freedom loving mermaid like me.

I’d think —- Maybe devotion is not my thing? Maybe I’m not wired for it? —– but thinking those thoughts made me like I was some how less than because of it.

In my world, freedom is everything. I want to do whatever the fuck I want.  All. The. Time.
There’s no space for set routines or long-ass daily practices. And the concept of devotion felt like that to me.

My interests and attention wanders. I like to have the freedom to do many different things in the course of my week. The idea of devoting my time and energy to any one thing felt constrictive and limiting…..and so not for me.

A big light bulb moment came when I realized- HEY! I’m devoted to FREEDOM.

Now, I’ve got this devotion thing down!

Being devoted to freedom is powerful.

My loyalty knows no limits. My time, energy and resources are used for the purpose of accessing more freedom. It is my passion, foundation of the work I do and the driving force in my life.

I spend countless hours learning, talking and teaching about different ways to access more freedom. If that is not devotion, I don’t know what is!

All the things that are important to me- self-awareness, flying my freak flag, being a mermaid, creativity, feeling good and helping other people enjoy their own brand of freedom – are all aspects of the freedom I love.

Now, I’m down with devotion. What about you?

What are your stories of devotion? What are you devoted to and how does it impact your life?

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