Whats Your Theme for 2012?


Happy New Year!!!

What’s your theme for the new year?

My theme for 2012 is being fully self-expressed!

I prefer having a theme rather than resolutions. Mostly because I suck at resolutions!

In my mind, resolutions take willpower and that is not something that I have a lot of. I gave up on forcing myself to have willpower a long time ago. It’s just not how I operate. I get more done when I choose to focus on bringing more of something into my life! It’s more fun and expansive which is how I like to roll.

What works best for you when it comes to making changes?

The first thing I’m doing as part of my self-expression theme is to start flying my freak flag higher and prouder in my biz. It seems like the perfect place to start since flying your freak flag is all about self-expression and letting people see the real you.

Here are some of the things you’re going to be seeing more of from me-

I’ll be talking more about the law of attraction and how to work in harmony with it to create your freaky empire. This principle is the foundation of the work I do and it’s time I gave it the place of honor it deserves.

I’m changing my services around to better reflect how I love to work with people. Gone will be the group programs, and convoluted coaching packages. I’m going to be focused on offering Unfurl Your Freak Flag Sessions and Booster Packs. (Email me if you want to learn more about this!) There will be two other ways that people can work with me that I’ll be revealing in the future.

I’m ditching my podcast that has been sitting around gathering dust for the past 6 months. It was fun for a while but I’m ready to move on to something else now…..like being interviewed by other people!!!! Don’t worry; you can still listen to all the past episodes here.

I’m focusing on only doing things that I want to do rather than things I feel I need to do. Over the past few weeks I’ve really been noticing the difference between these two energies.

When I want to do something- like work on my new kick-ass email series-I feel excited and expansive. I can’t wait to get started.

But, when I feel like I need to work on that same email series, there is a sense of pressure and constrictive energy about it.

Typically the thoughts that come with the feeling that I need to work on it are based in the idea that if I don’t  work on the email series , then I’ll never get another client, or I won’t be able to grow my list or make money. Everything is contingent on my finishing that email series…..so I neeeed to do it! Can you feel the pressure there? I can’t produce anything kick-ass under those conditions!

Can you?

I invite you to notice when you are doing something in your biz because you think you need to do it, rather than wanting to do it. Which energy feels more expansive to you?

From a law of attraction perspective– which energy do you think is going to get you into your freaking fabulous empire faster? The expansive energy of -I want to do this- wins every time.

I’d love to hear what you’ll be doing more of in 2012!  Go ahead and share away in the comments below.





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