Where Can Happiness Be Found?


Is it something that you refer to in the past or the future, attached to some big event?

Is it something you chase after, looking high and low for it to appear?

I’ve decide to start looking for happiness in the everyday moments of my life. I want it to be an essential part of my day that propels me into feelings of success and abundance.

Now that I am looking, I’ve found happiness in the most particular places.

Here are some examples………

When my kitty Spike jumps up on my bed at night and lies by my head so that I can pet him and he licks my forehead and purrs contently.

Cooking dinner with my sweetie, finding new recipes and doing the dishes together is always delightful.

Those moments during a coaching call when a client has an “ah-ha” moment and I can feel them expanding into themselves.

Sitting in my Mermaid Corner and looking up at all the beautiful mermaids hanging from the ceiling and watching the rainbows that are cast by all the crystal “sea bubbles” dancing on the walls.

Having the time and space to allow my day to flow as it will, and to see where it takes me.

How about you? Where do you find your happiness?

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