Why Do I Want the Relationship I Want ?

Think about what you want in a relationship and why you want it. Look for those around you who are experiencing good relationships, and feel appreciation for them. Make lists of the positive aspects of those you have spent time with. . . . In fact, one of the fastest ways to make your way to a wonderful relationship is to find any subject that consistently feels good, and focus on that even if it has nothing to do with relationships.

— Abraham-Hicks

I found that this really works.

When I began to recognize that my romantic relationships were not working for me, I was not sure what a healthy, satisfying relationship looked like. I had been doing my best up until then and was not getting the results I was looking for. It knew that I wanted something different in my relationships, but I was not sure what that looked like.

I began noticing the things I liked and appreciated in my friends relationships. I paid attention to how J & J were each other’s biggest fans, and how this other couple I knew left each other love notes and chocolate. I saw that J & A had “Date night” and made a point to really connect even when life was busy. I began to get clearer on exactly what I wanted in a relationship and who I wanted to be in that relationship.

I also began to practice appreciating the things I liked about my friends, male and female. This was the most powerful thing that I could have done. It brought so much joy, satisfaction, and connection into my experience!

Suddenly, I was seeing so many positive aspects of the people around me.

I will out myself here: I used to be someone who would focus on the things that she did not like or want in order to change them…rather than seeing what she did want more of. On one hand my life was always growing and expanding, but on the other hand, I was not finding meaning or satisfaction anywhere. This simple process changed everything!

You can apply this to every kind of relationship that you have:Romantic, business, friends, family, and even to a stranger on the street. The simple act of focusing on the positive aspects of something allows you to expand your expereince and find much more meaning, satisfaction and joy in everything you do.

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