Why We Feel Like We’re Not Enough

Ever wonder why so many people feel like they are not enough?

Not doing enough, good enough, smart enough, thin enough. Where the hell does this come from?

If you guessed the media, you are only partially right. I believe that it goes deeper than that. It’s something that creeps in before we even have words to describe it.

In this video I talk about why we feel like we are not enough and how to change it.

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Do you see how this false image of perfection we carry around inside our heads makes it impossible to ever measure up? Not just for us, but for the people in our lives, too.

It makes it so you’re not free to be who you really are because you are trapped by images of who you think you SHOULD be.

Are you ready to blow that shit up?

The key to changing things is awareness: awareness that an unrealistic image of perfection exists inside of you.

Here’s one way to become aware of your image of perfection and recover an awareness of your authentic self.

Pay attention when you are making yourself wrong and feeling like you don’t measure up and ask yourself what you are comparing yourself to. Who do you think your should be?

Try to recall your earliest memories of what your parents, siblings teachers said to you about who you should be and how you should act.

You’ll find your authentic self in what feels good to you, your desire, inspiration and flow. Where things feel easy and come naturally. Give yourself permission to hang out in that space more often.

What does your unrealistic image of perfection look like?

Are you ready to release it in order to make room for the real you?



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