Why We Need To Push and Fight

Last week I shared my podcast- Letting Go of Pushing. (Did you listen? You really should…it’s causing quite a stir.)

I haven’t been able to stop talking about it….PUSHING that is.

Business-Woman-Tired-At-DeskPeople have been telling me how deeply they resonate with the topic and how they too are exhausted from so much fighting and pushing to make things happen in their lives.

They’re talking about it on Facebook, on twitter, and with their yoga students. It’s also been the focus of some powerful conversations in a few groups I’m in. People clearly are sick of fighting and pushing to have what they want.

It’s not surprising! Especially if you’re a renegade, rebel and rule breaker like me.

When you reject the status quo and opt for freedom and freak flag flying….you are moving in the opposite direction as everyone else.

Going your own way feels like a constant battle. There’s all kinds of resistance from the people around you and it feels like you have to fight and push to have what you want.

This is why we’re so used to pushing and making things happen…it’s necessary when you choose not to follow the herd…Right??!?

It can sure feel that way, but most of the resistance, fight and struggle is in your head……you’re fighting against your thoughts about how you should be doing things. (Sure there’s an occasional jerkoff who wants to give you a hard time but it’s the voices in your head saying “you should be good and nice” that really stop you from going for it.)

Nor do you have to make things happen.

You can have what you want, be who you want, live the way you want to live- simply decide and give yourself permission to go for it. Then spend time playing with your desire and responding to any inspired action that comes up. Trust yourself and the process. Create some space for things to unfold.

The permission part is what’s tricky.

It’s hard NOT to let your endless mind chatter talk you out of it, or scare you into thinking you have to jump through a bunch of hoops before you can have it. It’s our stories about who we think we’re supposed to be that really prevent us from living the life we want to live.( I have just the thing to help you let go of these old stories so you can access more freedom….I’ll be talking more about it in the upcoming weeks.)

More about pushing…..

Pushing comes from a place of lackall I can see is how what I want is not here yet and I’m afraid it will never show up if I don’t hold on really tight and control the situation and people in it.

It’s totally fear based and puts conditions on your having what you want. I need to do ___these things ___in order to have what I want.

It also limits your freedom and ability to naturally expand into your greatness.

I know, there is the common belief that pushing and working hard shows you care….that you’ve earned it. But that is all based in a fear /lack mentality.

Man, I’m exhausted just thinking about this super constricted energy that surrounds pushing.

My point in all of this……

When you stop pushing so hard and create space for inspired action instead…things unfolds in magical ways.

You’re giving yourself permission to choose the actions that feel good. This leads to more freedom and freak flag flying!

Ok…I’m getting off my soapbox now.

I’m tempted to talk about how pushing is NOT the same as being too much in your masculine energy….but I’ll save that rant for another day.

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