Why your Inner-Freak got a Bum Rap

Last week on My Kick-Ass Dream Life, we started talking about your Inner-Freak.

We all have one.

The question is:  Do you trust  yours  and listen to it or not?

I find that many people have gotten really good at ignoring their Inner-Freak. They treat it like it is something to be hidden. They lock it away in some dark corner, and rarely let it out into the light of day.

Maybe that is why they have no idea what their version of a Kick-Ass Life looks like.

Not only does your Inner-Freak know exactly what will make your life totally Kick-Ass, it has a direct line to the part of you that has the big picture perspective on your life. That is why it’s not afraid to be different, or to go its own way. It knows where it’s headed.

I think your Inner-Freak got a bad rap because it likes to lead you off the beaten trail, and encourages you to try all kinds of things that other people might not be doing. It encourages you to be unique and quirky.

That can be a problem for some. It can seem dangerous and unwise, especially if you are trying to ‘fit-in’.

Hey…maybe it is.

But maybe it’s just what you need to discover what will bring you the most satisfaction, fun and meaning to your life.

What do you think?

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