Will you join me for some Amplifying?


It’s Amplification Friday again and that means it’s time to take a few minutes to focus on what you’re appreciating from your week and bask in the juicy good energy of it.

Doing this adds some serious power to your Kick-Ass Life creation process. The more you focus on what you’re appreciating in your life; the more you amplify the energy of it; the more powerful the signal that you are sending out into the Universe becomes.  As you know, the law of attraction is hard at work sending you back the same energy that you send out.

Let’s send it some good vibes to send back our way, shall we?

Here goes-

I appreciate the ease and flow in my life. It’s awesome to have the space to follow my inspiration and to ride the wave where it takes me. Everything I need shows up in the right time and the right place.

I appreciate my amazing clients and the work I do with them to create their version of a Kick-Ass Life. It’s so cool to be a part of someone’s journey as they custom design their life to fit them perfectly. My clients are courageous, bold powerful people who know that they can live the life they want to live and it’s inspiring to work with them as they create it. They are fun, exciting, and passionate about their dreams. It’s deeply satisfying to be able to partner with them to bring their dreams to life. It totally rocks!

I appreciate the deep awareness that I am having about myself and the lessons that I am experiencing that allow me to clear out the old stories and ways of being that keep me from expanding into my full brilliance. Even though some of these lessons are uncomfortable, I appreciate my ability to move through them with mostly ease and grace.

It’s your turn to amplify!

Take a minute to share what you’re appreciating in the comments below.

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