Winners and Losers

More and more I am seeing stuff in the media calling Obama  a socialist and challenging his plan for redistributing the wealth in this country. People have such strong opinions about this!  The rich say they do not deserve higher taxes because they are successful and the poor say the rich deserve to pay more because they make more and can afford it. Both sides are being played off of one another.

In my opinion, there are some “pre-packaged’ beliefs at play here. The predominate one being that there has to be a winner and a loser and it is impossible for everyone to get what they need. This is a foundational belief in our country and I do not think it is serving us very well. It feeds into the lack mentality that many people suffer from, creates enormous amounts of fear and drives the choices that people are making every day.

I think it is clear that they way we have been doing things is not working and it is time for some drastic change. Lets face it people: we need each other to survive. Lets throw away the belief that there has to be winners and losers and start imagining what it would be like if everyone had everything they needed. Imagine a Win-Win situation for everything. It’s possible because happiness looks different for everyone! I am sure that each of us has a different vision of an ideal life.

I challenge you to release the stories you have bought into about how the world works and what your life is supposed to look like and connect to what is really important and meaningful in your life. I have no doubt that as you get more connected to your dream of an ideal life, you will be better able to allow others to have their dream too, and you will be more willing to help each other achieve those dreams.

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