Claim your sovereignty and GET FREE

The Freedom to…

be who you are, have what you want and live the life you want to live.


work-with-me-editedI invite you to put on your crown and become the true Renegade Queen you are here to be.

A Renegade Queen claims her sovereignty.

She courageously takes a stand for herself and what she believes in.

She knows who she is and what she is here to do.

She boldly puts on her crown and rules her world.


When you are a Renegade Queen, you…

…Make yourself the ultimate authority on what you need to feel good, be happy and live a deeply fulfilling life.

…Decide what your life will be and base your choices on YOUR wants, needs and truth.

…Honor your dreams desires and ambitions.


Once you discover the power and sweet FREEDOM in doing what feels right to you, there’s no going back to being constrained or playing small.


That’s what it takes to get free.

It took me ten years to become the fierce Renegade Queen I am today. Sometimes it takes a woman her whole life to figure it out.

I’m here to help you do it much quicker.

We’ll use the Renegade Queen Model I’ve developed over the last decade. It’s a method for reclaiming your sovereignty and freedom and then deliberately choose and live your life on your terms.

It’s not a ten-step plan or a cookie-cutter formula. It’s a thoughtful approach I use to help women claim their personal sovereignty and freedom in a culture based on conformity and fitting in.

It’s a deliberate, choice-based model. You choose your sovereignty and you practice it.


That’s what the Renegade Queen Model is all about: ways to access your sovereignty and practice it and get free.


My Renegade Queen Model consists of  three pillars of equal importance : Authority, Agency, Allowing. These pillars create a solid foundation of sovereignty and freedom upon which you build your dream life.

As part of the Renegade Queen Model, we’ll use these three pillars to help you  identify where you need to do your personal sovereignty work, and focus there.

Within our coaching container, we’ll use a variety of exercises to help you explore, experiment, evaluate what you need to build a solid foundation of sovereignty AND create a daily practice that supports your FREEDOM…

…so you can be your own Renegade Queen.

And once you have your three sovereignty pillars firmly in place, you will be unstoppable.


This might be your path when you are….

Ambitious, curious, and creative.

DONE LIKE DINNER with being a good little princesses and ready to own your power.

Seeking to trust yourself and let your inner wisdom be your guide.

Compelled to be courageous (even when it feels scary) and deliberately create a life that honors your soul and untameable spirit.

Crave freedom.

Want to drop the mask and be who you truly are, do what you want to do, and live how you want to live.

Get FREE, now

That’s what Renegade Queen work is all about: you, getting free.

Sovereign Session– Your one-off 90 minute session is like a lightning bolt of clarity. We’ll use the Renegade Queen Model to identify where you’re standing strong in your sovereignty (superb!) and where you need to focus your efforts (let’s go!). You’ll walk away with newfound focus and direction, and some tools for strengthening the the pillars that need shoring up so you can set up a solid foundation of sovereignty to build your freedom-filled life upon.

Coronation – You, putting on your crown and becoming the fierce Renegade Queen you are here to be. During this three month process, you’ll learn how to access your sovereignty, practice it and get free. You’ll explore, experiment and evaluate what works for you as you begin to create your fabulous freedom filled life.


Contact me with any questions you may have about working together.

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Leah Shapiro

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