World Domination and Some Other Cool Things

World Domination!

Today I’m headed out on a grand adventure to Portland Oregon to take part in the World Domination Summit. This is something I’ve been looking forward to since September. It will be awesome to hang out with so many other non-conforming world changers. They are my kind of people.

I can’t wait to meet in real life all the friends I’ve made via Twitter and Facebook, and I will finally be able to give a big hug to some of the fine folks who have been on my radio show like Pace & Kylie and the Freak Factor guy- Dave Rendall.

I’m excited to take classes from the likes of Danielle LaPorte, Mark Silver and Pam Slim. We’ll see if I can’t convince them to come on my show too!

I’ll do my best to take pictures so I can share all the juicy goodness with you when I come back.

This Rocks!!

I came across this amazing site via a post from my friend Pace Smith on Twitter.  Mars Dorian has perfectly illustrated what I mean when I talk about embracing your inner-freak. Check it out right here.

Some Cool Collaboration!

I’ve been hanging out with Garret LoPorto – the dude who created the Wayseer’s Manifesto. We the help of a few friends, we are conspiring to put together a series of live events designed to create a weekly energy boost for all the folks who resonate with the message of the Wayseer’s.  It looks like the first event will be coming up soon in the Boston area. If you’re local and want to check it out let me know.

That’s it for now! I’m off to take over the world! Woo-Hoo!

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