You Don’t Have To Fight To Be Free


No more fighting to be free….sounds awesome…but is it true?

We live in a society that teaches us to fit-in, follow the rules and do what is expected if we want to be accepted and loved.

If you’re a renegade like me, you certainly don’t fit in, and you have your own ideas about things, which leads to a lot of criticism, questioning, and resistance from the people around you. It certainly feels like a battle.

It’s exhausting!

It feels like the only two choices are – Fit-in or fight.

But there is a third choice……Get FREE.


I spent 35 years pretending to fit-in so I could be successful. My life looked great on paper, but it felt horrible to me. I was frustrated and pissed off and tired of pretending to conform.

When I wanted to do my own thing and go my own way, I put on my armor and get ready for battle. I knew I’d either have to push and fight, or explain, convince and justify myself/desire/action.

In business and in our day to day lives, we’re conditioned to believe there’s a right way and a wrong way to do things, to look, to act, to live. It may look a little different depending on where you live and what your culture is, but the thing that stays the same is the belief – This is what you are supposed to do and if you can’t pull it off there must be something wrong with you.

No wonder we feel like we have to fight to be ourselves.

We are never taught how to love and trust ourselves.  To listen to our hearts, or encouraged to be who we are. Nor are we taught how to go our own way and identify what works for us. It’s a damn shame because that is exactly what we need to do if we want to create a life full of freedom.

After spending a decade coaching other renegades to access more freedom, and doing my own processes myself, it became very clear that the biggest battle going on was inside our own heads. That’s where the real fight comes from.

I’m not saying there isn’t real resistance coming from the people around us. There are plenty of naysayers and people who expect you to do all sorts of things. Plus there are other  cultural issues…like institutional racism, bias, and we can’t forget the patriarchy ….BUT, the only reason why we let these outside forces hold us back is because somewhere in our minds we believe what they are saying….that they know better than we do. That there is a right way to do things. That we have to be nice and make everyone else’s happy.

inner-criticAll those negative voices in your own head saying you should be different, better, smarter, that you’re doing it all wrong. That you CAN’T do it……and the part of you that worries about what other people will say. These are the biggest things holding you back. 

These voices make you doubt yourself and believe there’s something wrong with you.  All this fucks with your energy and your ability to create what you want because you feel threatened and defensive. You feel like you have to fight. To prove yourself. 

But even deeper, all this self doubt does a number on your ability to love and accept yourself. This is why you constantly feel like you’re being judged. You’re doing it to yourself.

Let go of that fight.

To do this you must GET FREE of the negative voices and deep seated conditioning that makes you doubt yourself.

i-do-what-i-wantIt all comes down to this: Your ability to create a fulfilling, FREEDOM-filled life lies in your willingness to claim your sovereignty*, embrace all of who you are and allow yourself  to have what you truly desire.

Be a true Renegade Queen and stop looking outside yourself for permission to be who you are and live how you want to live.

It doesn’t have to be a battle.

You can just do it.

(I can help you do it.)

*Claiming your sovereignty means making yourself the ultimate authority on what you need to feel good, be happy and live a deeply fulfilling life. You decide what your life will be and base your choices on YOUR wants, needs and truth. You allow yourself  to be who you are, have what you want and live the life you want to live.

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