You don’t have to MAKE your Kick-Ass Life happen

Right now I am sitting at my desk savoring a delicious cup of Peppermint Mocha Trio coffee from Settles Best. This is by far one of my favorite holiday treats! What makes it even more enjoyable is that my sweetie knows how much I love it, so he keeps an eye out for it and brings me a bag as soon as it is available. He is awesome like that!

Do you know what else is very cool about this?

It’s very cool that I don’t have to do a thing towards getting this amazing treat besides expressing my love & desire for it and accepting it when it shows up.

Pretty amazing, huh?

The peeps doing my Connecting to YOUR Version of Kick-Ass program are experiencing this right now. They are learning first hand that all you need to do is become aware of what works for you, what feels good, and identify what you want more of and it starts showing up.

The trick is to allow it in!

One amazing goddess is doing an awesome job of focusing on her daily practice and the clarity is rushing in. Next thing you know the opportunities that she wants in her Kick-Ass Life are showing up left and right.

The problem is that she doesn’t have time to take advantage of them!

She was so busy working on making her Kick-Ass Life happen, she had no time to actually live it when it showed up.

The big lesson that is being learned here is that your don’t have to DO anything to MAKE your Kick-Ass Life happen. You don’t have to schedule it in and make it happen. It’s all about your mindset and where you focus your attention. The only work that you need to do is in identifying what feels good to you and that you want more of  & focusing your attention on how awesome it is and claim it for yourself. Then create some space for it to show up.

The easiest way to create the space is to ditch all the stuff that doesn’t feel good to you and that you don’t want more of.

Oh…I forgot the last and most important part of this: Allow yourself to enjoy it and savor it when it shows up!!!

A good place to start with this is to allow yourself more space to chillax and enjoy your life!

Trust me on this- Fun is Better!

How might you embrace this idea over the holiday week?

Please share your comments down below!

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