Your Freedom is Unique


Freedom is one of those powerful words that means different things to everyone. It’s more of a feeling than a thing. Because of this, the way each of us experiences freedom in our lives can vary.

What feels like freedom to you might feel like my worst nightmare.

For example- I have a friend, and one of their ways to experience freedom is to travel the world with nothing but a backpack, passport and limited budget. Sleeping on the beach, in hostels, and wherever they can find a couch.

That adventure is so not for me. I like to stay close to home and if I do travel I want a luxury hotel, VIP treatment and someone to carry my bags.

In my world, freedom looks like a whole Sunday to myself to do whatever I please.

Doing work I love, with people I love, in a way that feels good to me.

Declaring any day, pajama day.

Getting to choose how I want to spend my time…everyday.

Spending the whole day in the pottery studio.


Loving myself.

Helping people love themselves.

Never doing anything out of a feeling of obligation or should (unless I really want to.)

Going for a walk on a sunny day.

Owning my own home and being able to paint or change anything I like.

Being my own boss.

Going to the beach on a weekday to sit under an umbrella reading a book till the sun sets.

Dying my hair purple or blue or pink and having lots of tattoos.

Not having to commute to work.

Flying my freak flag high and proud!

I could go on forever. There are so many things that leave me feeling wild and free.

What does freedom look like in your life? Share in the comments below, 3 of your favorite ways you feel free in your life…


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