10 Tips for Diving Into Your Ever Abundant Flow

1. Embrace the idea that the Universe is conspiring WITH you to have what you want.It always sends you what you ask for, every time. (Remember that you asking with your emotions and feelings not just your thoughts)

2. Once you got this, be a pal and tell the Universe what you want by thinking about it and feeling it. Spend time imagining all the things you want to experience, and really get into the feeling of what it would be like to have it. How would it affect your life? What would be different?

3. Ignore reality and tell the story of how you want it to be. It is easy to get caught up in the idea that you are supposed to tell “it like it is” rather than telling the story of what you desire. When you continue to focus on a “reality” that is undesirable to you, you are actually amplifying the energy of that thing and asking for more of the same.

4. Recognize that in every moment, you can focus on the “Good reality” or the “Bad reality”. They both exist with every possible “in between” outcome at all times for every subject. The outcome that you experience is determined by where you are focusing your attention in this broad spectrum of possibilities.

5. Spend time every day amplifying the energy of what you want more of. It is easy! All you need to do is appreciate the things that you are enjoying in your day and the people around you. It could be an s simple as noticing someone’s earrings, or mentioning something you appreciate about your partner. Allow yourself to feel the good feelings that brings up. That is the energy you want more of.

6. Learn to pivot your thoughts from what you don’t want to what you do want. This simple exercise will immediately shift your energy to a more expansive vibration. When you notice yourself focusing on what you do not want, either in conversation or in your head, say, “I clearly know what I Do NOT wants. What is it that I DO want?”

7. Create some quiet “alone time” everyday to slow down and chill out. Meditate, take a walk outside, listen to some music that sooths you, whatever it is that allows you to slow down and connect yourself. Step outside of your usual swirl and re-connect to your center.

8. Hang out with positive, happy people. Spending time with folks who are bitching and complaining only brings you down. Find a group of people who are focused and talking about living the life you want to create. Stay away from groups that focus on what you are not wanting. For example, do not join a group protesting war, but rather join a group that supports peace.

9. Make it your mission to notice the abundance that already exists in your life. Notice that you have food and cloths and a roof over your head. Be thrilled that you found a penny in your couch. See the abundance of love you have for your pets and that they give you back. Be thankful for the coffee someone bought you, or the lunch you got at your meeting at work. If you start looking for the abundance, I guarantee that you will begin to see it all around you.

10. Have fun! Laugh and Play! Enjoy your friends and family!

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