Love, Love and More Love!

I’m super excited to continue blowing up all the bullshit ideas about law of attraction that so many so called experts are slinging. My goal is to help you stop worrying about doing it wrong so you can relax, feel good and enjoy your life (Which will help you get more of what you want in the long run).

We’ve already covered what LOA is and isn’t, why thinking negative thoughts is OK, the power of personal responsibility and why it’s not your fault when things go wrong.

Now I’m going to take a deep dive into why loving yourself up is essential when it comes to ruling your world and creating a kick-ass life in this awesome video I made for you.

The most important thing to pay attention to are the thoughts you have about yourself. How you feel about yourself is the primary signal that you are sending out to the world. Telling yourself that you are a stupid, lazy and fat on a regular basis is mucking up your signal!!

Take a minute to tune into your thoughts.

How often are you criticizing, making yourself wrong and thinking that you are not good enough?

How much time you spend defending your stories about why you can’t have what you want because you’re not smart enough, thin enough, or you did something horrible in the past that makes you unworthy now?

What are the most common tapes running in your head?

The most powerful action you can take is loving yourself up and giving yourself permission to be 100% YOU.

Stop making yourself wrong for who you are and where you are at in life. Stop “shoulding” yourself. Give yourself permission to be who you are without question….LOVE. IT. ALL.

Feeling good about who you are and the choices you make is the key to ruling your world and living a kick-ass life you love.

Are you up for the challenge?
If you are give me a big “HELL YHEA!” in the comments below



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