Self doubt and being different

I have been thinking a lot about being different and the problems that come with it. Let’s face it, when you go against the mainstream you constantly have to deal with people telling you things like:

What are you, crazy or something?

You can’t do that!

Who do you think you are???

You will be a laughing stock if you do that !

There is no support from the people around you.  They just don’t get it and it seems risky to them.

It is really easy to begin to doubt yourself because you are coming up against so much negativity and resistance. In many cases it is easier to make yourself wrong than go against what everyone else thinks. So, you give up your “crazy” idea and jump back into the stream of mediocrity.

The problem is that does not last very long…you may still doubt yourself, but there is no denying that you crave something different and  you won’t  satisfied until you find it.

So how do you overcome the self doubt?

How do you learn to trust yourself even when everyone else thinks you are crazy?

This is where learning to tune into your intuition comes in handy. We all know what’s right for ourselves deep down inside. You just need to learn how to listen, and trust it over what someone else says to you.

This is the challenge. Learning to trust yourself and what you know to be true for you over what everyone else around you is saying.

The reality is that you are unique and having a unique experience. No one else knows what it’s like to be you. (Even if they think they do). You are the only one who knows where your happiness and satisfaction can be found.

I am wondering if you know how you access your intuition?

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