The truth of the matter is …….it’s going to be uncomfortable.

Part of being a rabble-rouser is stirring things up and making you think. I want you to question stuff and not settle for anything less than what feels meaningful, exciting, fun, and fulfilling to you.

But, I also want to be truthful with you.

Changing your life and committing to going after your dream is going to take some effort and I suspect that some of the time you are going to feel uncomfortable.

Really uncomfortable!

Uncomfortable enough for you to say: “Why the hell am I doing this?”

So, let’s talk about what this discomfort is all about.

The discomfort stems from you expanding out beyond your comfort zone.

When you commit to going after your dream and begin to claim it for yourself, you set the Universe into motion. It begins sending you all the lessons that you need to learn in order to fully resonate and embody the energy of your kick-ass dream life.

Let’s face it……..if you were already embodying this energy you would be living your dream life right now not trying to create it.

So in order to step into your dream you need to:

  • stretch and expand
  • learn some lessons and gain some clarity
  • release some old stories.

That is why all the obstacles and uncomfortable feeling start to show up.

If you can regard your discomfort  as the lessons, and the opportunity for clarity and expansion that it provides and meet it head on, then you will soon be enjoying the pleasure and satisfaction of living your kick-ass dream life.  

I look at it the same way I look at getting a tattoo or piercing. It only hurts for a short time, and the payoff lasts for a lifetime. To me the discomfort is worth it. (Although, I will say there are some piercing I probably would not do again.)

The questions is: Is it worth it to you?

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