What do you trust:Your Head or Your Gut?

This morning I was reading the Fast Company daily e-zine. It is always full of interesting information. I came across this article Why Your Gut is More Ethical Than Your Brain and it got me thinking about how the Mind and the Gut works.

This is the way I look at it:
The minds job is to compare and contrast and organize information. It is a big processor of information. Our bodies are designed to be big receivers. All our sensory organs take in the vibration of what is around us, process that information and then your mind labels and identifies everything.Your mind runs everything through the filter of your past experiences. Your mind then organizes this information in a way that makes sense to you.

Our Gut/feelings are also responding to vibrational. Just in a different way. Our gut/feelings are a reflection of our vibrational alignment with our higher sense of knowing…the part of ourselves with the super big picture perspective. Some may call it your soul…or god..I like it call it my higher self. To me, the emotions and gut feeling make up my inner guidance system. Its job is to tell me when I am aligned with my higher self. If I feel good, I am aligned, if I feel bad I am not.

I trust my inner knowing/gut feelings way more than my mind when it comes right down to it.

Because the mind filters everything through your past experiences, and your beliefs and stories about those experiences, it is not offering the most accurate perspective on things. Your mind likes to justify your existing story. It is not necessarily dealing with what is, but rather with what the mind thinks is going on.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you go with your mind or you gut?

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