Your Story: Love It or Ditch It !

One of my superstar clients came to me wanting support in building her business. She had reached a point where she felt bogged down and the joy was going out out of it for her. It was begining to feel a lot like WORK! Work she did not want to do. She found herself doing things she did not enjoy because she thought she “had to” do them.

Once we dug down into it, I uncovered a story that she was carrying that said in order to be successful in business, you had to be very serious and work hard. She had to MAKE everything happen and figure it all out. She was following a plan of action that did not feel very good to her.

Now, this superstar is a fun loving gal. Part of the reason she started her own business was so that she could enjoy herself and have the freedom to do what she wanted. As we explored the different stories she held about what success meant and looked like, and how you got there, it became apparent that her story was not in alignment with her desire.

She felt hemmed in and limited by what she thought she was supposed to do. This story took the joy out of everything.

It also took her out of alignment with her vision of how she wanted her business to be and she was not making the money that she desired.

Are you wondering what we did about it?

We ditched her old story about what she had to do in order to be successful and wrote a new one. In this superstar’s new story, her success easily grew out of her enjoyment of her work and it was fun and easy. We identified the different components of her business that felt good to her and were already working. I had her identify the things she really enjoyed doing and wanted to do more of. We focused on the fun and what was already bringing results.

We also identified the parts of her business that felt forced and were not working. If we could not find a way to make them fun we ditched them or found someone else to take care of it. When we were done she was already seeing things take off.

The biggest improvement was that she was enjoying it again! Things were opening up for her and she felt good! This new story was really working.

I am curious to know if any of you have places in your life or your business where you are feeling bogged down and are not getting the results that you want.

Do you know what your story is around it?

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